Child Custody Laws in Nevada

Nevada Child Custody Laws

Child Custody Laws in Nevada are both useful and necessary. Child custody cases in Nevada have been rising steadily, not just for women and children but for men as well.

Every family has different needs. For some, a stable home life is what they need to protect them from violence or financial ruin; for others, stability is important, and having a permanent place to live is what they desire. Each person wants the best for their children, and they want to see their children develop into healthy adults with good lives.

Child custody laws in Nevada are fairly simple. As long as the parent who wants to see the children is the one in the custody, the court will make the decision as to which parent the children should live with.

Child custody cases in Nevada can be complicated if the parents aren’t sure which parent will take the children. In this case, it’s best to consult a Nevada child custody attorney who can present all the facts to the court in order to make a decision about custody.

When determining child custody laws in Nevada, the court takes into consideration a number of factors. These include:

Level of commitment- In many cases, the parent who doesn’t want the children may simply do nothing to keep them from being taken away. On the other hand, the parent who has to pay child support may decide that he/she wants to give the children the stability they need in order to pay.

Personal beliefs about what parenting is- If there are any deeply held beliefs about parenting or the fact that fathers are not as capable as mothers, then these beliefs may come into play in a custody case. By discussing these beliefs with your attorney, you can help ensure that the court makes the right decision for your family. Child support- In many cases, the parents of a child are on the same page as far as how the child should be raised. If this isn’t the case, however, and there is a disagreement over the amount of child support to be paid, the courts can rule on the matter. There are some instances where the amount of child support can be reduced, but for the most part, the parents will be asked to keep the child support payments current.

Education expenses- While every state has its own rules for child support, Nevada courts will look to see if the parents are making the payments for their children because of their ability to pay, or if the children would be better off attending school. This is an important factor in custody cases in Nevada.

Child Support- There are some custody cases where the parents and children don’t agree about the amount of support, or the amount of child support. The court will listen to what each parent says, then make the determination based on the court’s existing guidelines.

Where Legal Custody is not Believed- When neither parent agrees about the custody of their children, the father can be granted legal custody. The legal custody is usually given to the father upon the divorce decree being signed by the couple, and upon the child receiving his/her parent’s driver’s license.

Now that you understand the Child Custody Laws in Nevada, you can go ahead and consult an attorney if you are a father looking to get legal custody of your children. An attorney will help you to ensure that you have a positive custody decision made for your family.

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